Real Estate Brokers

Triple Crown Brokers is a modern full-service real estate brokerage that specializes in residential real estate acquisitions and sales. We understand that conducting a real estate transaction can be time-consuming, which is why Triple Crown Brokers utilizes best in class technology to ensure extreme efficiency for our clients. Triple Crown Brokers believes that whether someone is buying their first home, selling a personal residence, or acquiring an investment property, the process needs to be custom fit to satisfy each individual client’s unique needs. Constantly striving to optimize the process of buying and selling real estate results in us consistently producing tremendous value for our customers and principals. Our greatest satisfaction comes from negotiating the best deals possible and maximizing investment returns for each and every client.

Principal broker and founder, Jason Sirounis, is a Florida native who graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Jason began working as a real estate agent in Central Florida immediately after graduation, and has been passionate about real estate and investing ever since. Jason’s unyielding work ethic and relentless commitment to his clients has put Triple Crown Brokers in a class of its own. By staying informed on the fast-moving Central Florida market and leveraging his connections, Jason knows how to identify the best properties for each client’s personal needs.

We understand that the real estate market is a very complex industry made up of diverse sectors. The Triple Crown team knows these segments inside and out, and has the savvy knowledge and expertise to negotiate and broker deals spanning from commercial real estate, to property development and even business acquisitions. Gain peace of mind in your next real estate transaction by allowing Jason and the Triple Crown Brokers team to put their expertise to work for you.